COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Opening South Florida is Missing Something?

Maybe I am confused but it seems like Miami-Dade is jumping way ahead very fast without the protection and management data needed to supervise infections and deaths in the area. Looks like a political, Trumpian move.

How much testing can government really do. So far the testing has been of just coronavirus sick candidates. But testing is widely needed for employees, not just when one worker gets Covid-19.

We need wide testing for all citizens, residents and travelers to ascertain infection rates and the reproduction rate, r.

First, the opening will have the effect of accelerating the opening of carefully isolated stay-at-home family members to go shopping, restaurants, hair salons….For access to infections.

Second, by opening the business community locales “Moving to a New Normal” (Miami-Dade County) there will be an increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths. How many? We don’t know, but there will be ones for sure. It is inevitable.

The so-called “Move to a New Normal” brings extreme danger to seniors and those with pre-existing conditions who should NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE NEW NORMAL until the benefits are certain. Where is the warning and where are instructions.

The “Move to a New Normal” guidelines and the supporting government decrees are almost impossible to follow, to understand, to evaluate and to guide one in personal protection unless you are a lawyer.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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