COVID-19 CONVERSATION: The Trump Pandemic

What stared out as a natural disaster became a human disaster of policies, practices, corruption, politicization and management incompetence.

The President and his government agencies are responsible for

  • failing an early recognition and acceptance of the actual pandemic by the President and losing 2 months of mitigation;
  • even before the start of the pandemic closing the offices of specialized government personnel highly knowledgeable of pandemic;
  • assigning immediate management of the Covid-19 activities to highly incompetent staff;
  • misleading the public on the very seriousness of the pandemic;
  • politicization of the distribution of monies and PPE resources;
  • pressuring GOP governors to speed up the so-called opening of the mitigation measures by allowing parks, golf courses, churches, retail outlets and now more.
  • demanding face masks and social distancing but not practiced by the President and Vice President and the WH staff.

In short, the President has caused the death of tens of thousands people.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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