The Big Banana Republic

The approval of the GOP tax cut bill will lead to even great inequality from small towns (Coral Gables) to states (FL) to the nation.  Also, the bill will help kill off the ACA (Obamacare), and kill people in the process. Graduate students will pay taxes, student loans will cost more (benefiting big banks) and workers and the middle class will pay more taxes.  The billionaires will laugh all the way to the bank.

Evidence is clear that our democracy does not exist–we are a plutocracy in which the few, the super wealthy and political donors, the big corporations run Congress, the President and the Supreme Court.

This is our Big Banana Republic.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

4 Responses to The Big Banana Republic

  1. Robert Burr says:

    It will, and it must, get worse before it can get better. Citizens must be motivated to stand up. The issues must be made clear and the serious nature of demagoguery and fervent nationalism must be exposed and rebuked.

  2. Esther says:

    Go Trump! 🇺🇸

  3. Esther says:

    Fake news! You’re no better than CNN.

  4. Esther says:

    Go Trump! 🇺🇸

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