Coral Gables 2011 Budget–First Impressions

My first impression in one of some relief that the city manager is proposing a tax rate reduction–actually it is a tiny reduction, so let us call this holding taxes that same as last year.

My second impression is that this budget is very expansionary by making such a small reduction in taxes.

The city took from us quite a large increase in taxes last year, so one would have hoped that the city would have given that increase back, just like Miami-Dade county.

We would have hoped for larger staff reductions and operating cost reductions at this time.

Therefore, tied with the proposal for a large investment program that will have to be repaid in 20 years (instead of the refinanced debt in four years),  this is a very agressive expansionary budget that will come back to bite use in the coming years.




About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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