Krugman’s Notes Should Be For Coral Gables

Let soothsayers of good times ahead–including city managers who are speeding up investments and refinancing debt–recognize that we are not slipping out of a recession and we may be slipping back into a recession.

Put together

  • declining property values and revenues for the city of Coral Gables,
  • resistance from unions to accept really important sacrifices,
  • new city debt and ambitious capital program (admittedly, some of which may essential maintenance of city infrastructure),
  • a faltering Biltmore lease,
  • a faltering, sickly real estate market,
  • sluggish retail sales, and
  • candidate promises of no new taxes
and you may get continuing financial weakness and more taxes in Coral Gables.
We note now that

…estimates now suggest that we have now gone through a year and a half of “recovery” that has failed to make any progress toward closing the gap between what the economy should be producing and what it’s actually producing.

via Third Depression Watch –

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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