Coral Gables’ Mayor Undercut by Term Limits

I have a view of the job of mayor of Coral Gables–it’s not what it was worth with a four-year term.  Two commissioners, Kerdyk and Quesada, were elected for four years.   This means that the mayor will have the face the voters in two years and raise another $100,000, while the others will build a long-term agenda, pushing their pet projects along.

One vote does not a tax cut make-you need four votes to make really hard cuts.

The position of the mayor is a fragile, now more ceremonial than real, just one more vote.

Hence it will be quite hard for Mayor Cason to promote his own agenda given his knowledge of the city, the actual day-to-day authority of the city manager, and the countervailing powers of Kerdyk, Quesada and outgoing Cabrera and Anderson.

We all wish him luck, but don’t expect that much in his two-year term.  Two-year term limits looked great in another time–now they don’t so appear.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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