Proposal: Create a COMMUNITY CONVERSATION in the City of Coral Gables

This a modest proposal to establis a monthly or bi-monthly meeting of the city of Coral Gables called the COMMUNITY CONVERSATION (or other relevant name).  This would be a regular meeting attended alternatively by the mayor, one or more commissioners, the city manager and senior staff.

The purpose of the meetings would be to hear presentations by the city manager, mayor or senior staff on important city issues and to get community feedback in an atmosphere of civility and organized conversation.  The agenda could be highly focused or there would be sessions of a general nature.  All meetings would be open to individuals and organizations of the community.

This COMMUNITY CONVERSATION would satisfy an urgent need to create an open and ongoing forum where citizens can make informal comments and proposals to the city.  This might evolve into a regular place of civil exchange of opinions about the future of the city.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to Proposal: Create a COMMUNITY CONVERSATION in the City of Coral Gables

  1. Robert Burr says:

    The simplest ideas are the best. Set aside time and space for community conversation at regular intervals. Foster positive interaction. Seek out those that care to participate in local governance and value their perspective. I’ll be there.

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