Coral Gables’ Fees Vs Property Taxes: Which Is Fair? Sanabria Is Wrong

Actually, fees are much fairer than property taxes in the State of Florida.  Through fees everyone pays the same for the same service (the poorest taxpayers might be excluded if you like), whereas, property taxes are paid more by newcomers than property owners who are long-time residents with homestead protection.

Sanabria’s proposal to cut fees is wrong because, again, it protects long-term property owners versus newcomers–a highly unfair system.  Fees are great because the user pays.  I say, give use more fees based on the real cost of the services.  For example, trash collection is highly subsidized in Coral Gables through (unfair) property taxes.  If fire services were charged through fees, then taxpayers would be screaming about the pensions and salaries of firefighters.  I wonder, is that why Sanabria is against fees?

(And I will not get into why we need an income tax in Florida along with an equalized property tax system, like many modern state governments.)

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

3 Responses to Coral Gables’ Fees Vs Property Taxes: Which Is Fair? Sanabria Is Wrong

  1. Robert Burr says:

    Fees can be a fair way to recover expenses, but fees on top of taxes are not right. If fire services are covered by taxes, adding fire fees is not right. Garbage is the same. I remember when garbage fees were suggested to supplement tax income, not to cover all costs of garbage. That’s the insidious way of adding more burden to the home owner. Some day the fire fee will need to be increased to cover all fire expenses. Then police fees will increase greatly to cover police expenses. School fees to cover schools. Why have property taxes at all?

    When fees are instigated for all the right reasons, taxes must be lowered appropriately to be fair. Fees on top of taxes are an insult to citizens. Fees can easily be increased with a simple vote of the commission anytime.

  2. TheIT says:

    Just exactly how is Sanabria wrong when he says he wont support hike in taxes or fees? He’s talking about fees paid by residents for parking fines, building permits, licenses and the odious FIRE FEE which is a tax and he wants to actually cancel that one too.
    Trust me, the overwhelming amount of residents support Sanabria and understand he is by far the most qualified to serve them and your misguided rantings wont make a dent in that solid support.
    If you truly cared for the Gables instead of serving the purpose of merchandising your chosen candidate you would just compare track record, expertise and qualifications and blot out all but Sanabria. Hell, he could have won the mayor’s seat in a runaway too.

  3. SMcG says:

    Actually, I have no candidate. Do you know who he is?

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