Nuclear Costs to Soar and Government Subsidies Too

Reasons to realize that nuclear energy will not be an “out” for climate change.  The cost will be so great that it will not be financially viable except for huge government subsidies.

The nuclear situation in Japan is still not under control, and reports of exposed workers, contaminated food, and possible leaking reactor cores continue to come out of the pummeled nation. But researchers are already predicting how the disaster will affect the nuclear industry and — according to Mark Cooper, a senior fellow at Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and Environment — construction costs of nuclear reactors for the foreseeable future will soar following the problems in Japan.

“If they do what they are supposed to, nuclear reactor construction will be much more costly and much less inviting as a policy option as a result of the Fukusima accident,” said Cooper in a research note.

via Nuclear Costs to Soar Post Japan Disaster: Cleantech News and Analysis «.

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