Coral Gables Mayor Running on the Future, Only Candidate for More Taxes

Based on multiple and well financed ads, the Mayor has decided to overlook the past, except for a few awards that recognize the city of Coral Gables (also, ignoring the ones about the best city manager and the best city attorney), he pictures the beauty of Coral Gables (hardly one person’s achievement), and runs his campaign on virtually the same theme as Obama,”Win the Future.”

His feel-good-everything-is-great-campaign openly favors more taxes (he talks in terms of a “reasonable cost to taxpayers”) but he has nothing to say about how to ameliorate high salaries and unfunded pension liabilities, the failed Biltmore lease, the (still top secret) Biltmore audit, the continuing Country Club uncertainty, capital projects and city indebtedness, the disappearance of financial reserves, among others.

The Mayor’s view is perfectly fine if you don’t mind paying more taxes, and there are some apparently in the quiet Coral Gables PAC, the BID, commercial and residencial property owners and long-term residents who don’t mind paying more taxes.

This may be a winning formula for the Mayor if candidates Cason and Korge split the votes.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to Coral Gables Mayor Running on the Future, Only Candidate for More Taxes

  1. Robert Burr says:

    keep smiling, pretend nothing is wrong, take credit for everything good, ignore the obvious gaffs and leadership failures. Apparently, this the winning strategy for the mayor when most people in Coral Gables are completely unaware of what really going on in this town. He can count on a high degree of ignorance and apathy. Most voters don’t know the truth and most voters don’t care.

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