How Many Ways Can You Say “Corruption”–Vote for the RECALL and Send a Message

Corruption is so common and pervasive in Miami-Dade in the employ of public funds that it’s no longer thought of as corruption, just regular business expenses.

The investigation by the Office of the Inspector General found Rodriguez had opened American Express cards for many FHS and Jackson Memorial Foundation employees in a manner that ensured all the awards points flowed to him.

Between June 2007 and October 2010, Rodriguez redeemed over 6.8 million reward points – worth about $63,000. The inspector general’s report, however, focused only on 985,908 points, worth about $9,000, that were earned by the business activities of FHS. FHS runs Jackson’s international marketing activities and operates on government funds provided by Jackson.

via Foundation chief slammed for credit card points – Miami-Dade –

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