Public Workers in Local Government are Overpaid?

Public sector workers are not, on average, grossly overpaid compared with the private sector — period. You can fiddle at the edges of this conclusion, but it’s just not possible to conclude, based on any honest assessment of the data, that schoolteachers are the new welfare queens.

via A Clarification On Public Workers –

I believe this is right, especially including teachers and general employees.  Local government employees generally do not include teachers, so the average earned by public sector employee firefighters, police, and management earn in the city of Coral Gables are on the high side of the average.

Irrespective of the comparison with the private sector, it is clear that the city of Coral Gables, has let salaries and benefits be pushed too high.  It is time to ameliorate these salaries and benefits, and it is unfortunate that employees were led to believe or even expected that these benefits were certain to be paid irrespective of the economic situation or status of taxpayers.

Unions should look to help the cities and county to moderate their salaries so that property taxes can be similarly moderated.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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