City of Coral Gables crime rate going down for many years: not due to recent government efforts or “quality of life” propositions

The following appeared in the recent eNews of the City of Coral Gables.  The

Crime Is On The Decrease In Coral Gables

In spite of an economic downturn that many experts believe will push crime rates higher, overall crime declined in Coral Gables last year. According to recent police data, the total offenses, total non-violent crimes and total violent crimes in Coral Gables each declined by 7 percent in calendar year 2010 compared to calendar year 2009. A category that increased in 2010 was thefts from buildings (office space with public access) which was 28% higher than 2009. The data shows that in 2010 compared to 2009 there were:

  • 20% fewer burglaries
  • 15% fewer attempted burglaries
  • 31% fewer thefts of motor vehicles
  • 13% fewer aggravated assaults
  • 5% fewer robberies
  • 50% fewer purse snatchings.

“The City and its residents, its law enforcement professionals and the City Commission should be very proud that together we’ve been able to show a substantial reduction in crime in Coral Gables. Without the help of the entire community and the Citizens Crime Watch Program, this would not have happened,” said City Manager Pat Salerno. Commenting on the good news that crime rates are down in Coral Gables, Mayor Don Slesnick said: “We have to continue our vigilance to maintain the quality of life this community deserves.”

I am attaching a table showing the CRIME INDEX FOR CORAL GABLES (source:
Crime has been declining continuously since 2001 and is not due to any recent efforts by tbe city or issues of recession or of “quality of life.”.  It is mainly due to a change in overall structure and rate of growth of the population and this happening throughout the U.S.
Unfortunately, the eNews gives the appearance of being an extension of Mayor Slesnick’s political campaign rather presenting a real issue of crime reduction, but I am sure the Mayor would not use the eNews to further his campaign, would he.


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