List of Questions for the Candidates: Comments?

I intend to submit these question and other questions to all candidates for mayor and commissioner?  I welcome suggestions for other questions.

  1. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the city in the next two years?  What are your main priorities?
  2. Some cities (e.g. Boca Raton) have prepared long-range financial plans that are reviewed by its citizens.  Would you support the preparation of a long-range financial plan for the city of Coral Gables that would be discussed with the public?
  3. It has been commented that there a few conduits in Coral Gables for direct comments and communications by citizens on government plans and programs.  Would you support measures to dramatically increase venues for community participation and comments on government budgets, problems and decisions?  Would you support regular open town meetings of the commission and city manager with citizens on big issues?
  4. The city of Coral Gables needs a new codes of ethics?  Would you support the preparation of a new code of ethics for government in Coral Gables?
  5. Will you commit yourself to stop tax increases–that is freeze our tax bills–in the next two or three years?  Will you stop increase in fees?
  6. Are you prepared to vigorously defend the taxpayers and the city’s budget against the Biltmore’s failure to pay its lease with the city?
  7. Will you support an evaluation of  financial management in Coral Gables and the defective EDEN system in order to establish a modern, functional accounting of spending and revenues, open to the public?
  8. Will you support the preparation of a clear and publicly-discussed plan or strategy on how to reduce unfunded pension liabilities in Coral Gables?
  9. Will you support a code of openness and participation in Coral Gables that proactively encourages these qualities in our city’s management?

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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