Jeb has the Solution for Coral Gables: Wake Up Unions!

Dear Commissioners, Unions and Mayor of Coral Gables:  Please read this quote from Jeb Bush.

Jeb is ahead of the others on what to do, and this will be the final result if unions continue with their hardline positions.

There must be found an intermediate solution if the unions will just work with the city and that the public security employees give up making wild claims about there special and indispensable role in the community.

So new Republican governors should adopt rules for countercyclical budgeting and fully funded pensions? Too timid, Mr. Bush says. “I would argue for the elimination of the defined-benefit pension system. Might as well just get right to the end of the conversation, that’s where this is all going.” Then, “figure out a creative way to deal with the unfunded liabilities.” That “means you have to take on the unions.” He notes that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has so far “shown that you can take on these entrenched interests and be popular and sustain the efforts to change the state.”

via Jeb Bush: Eliminate ‘defined-benefit pension system’ | Florida Independent: News. Politics. Media.

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Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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