Pink Snails arrive for Mayor’s Election Campaign

Certainly, this must be an attraction ordered up by the mayor and the city to entertain us during a most exciting election campaign.  Perhaps the snails will be seen going from door to door asking for your votes.  You will see your favorite candidates kissing a snail.  The green commission of Coral Gables will laud the recycling of plastic into an even less useful purpose.

Clearly, this is a part of the mayor’s election campaign for reelection and his campaign platform–to

Focus on the development and promotion of cultural assets...”

Yes indeed, these snails are a great representation of government and politics in Coral Gables.

The snails — 11-feet long and painted in a hue of hot pink — will be installed throughout the Gables. Among their habitats: two in Merrick Park near City Hall, four near the youth center and library and two in Ponce Circle Park. They will be therefor two months.

via Pink snails find more pleasant home in Coral Gables – Coral Gables –

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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