Evidence of US Demise?

It is instructive to note that China spent almost a $100 billiion in one year on high speed rail service vs. the pathetic US multi-year budget of $8 billion.  Yet our politicians will denounce the $8 billion as extravagant while the Chinese and French companies are entertaining the Governor of California.  The US multi-war economy, mismanaged financial system, and low public infrastructure spending are causing us to put off making the US economy more competitive.

The nation’s $90 billion in spending on the network last year far exceeds the $8 billion that President Barack Obama allocated in stimulus for U.S. fast trains earlier this year.

The difference “is a confirmation of China’s rise and an indication of U.S. demise,” said Nicholas Lardy, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “We in the U.S. are doing little to nothing and will pay a price in slower growth now and in the future.”

About Stephen E. McGaughey
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One Response to Evidence of US Demise?

  1. TanneryWealth says:

    I keep seeing all these gloomy blog predictions about the decline and fall of the U.S. economy and the ascendency of China. Yet I don’t see anyone proposing realistic options to staunch the bleeding of our American economy. At my blog, Hijack Your Future, I’m running a five-week series on how we could all work to keep America strong and I invite your feedback as we shift our focus from problem to solutions. The game ain’t over yet! http://www.hijackyourfuture.com

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