Cable News: Cacophony of Parrots

I watch cable news, reluctantly.  I grew up watching CNN in its prime, worldwide, 24 hour, serious, in depth coverage.  Those days are gone and most serious new sources are not American, they are at the BBC, FT, the Economist, the Guardian, etc.:  great English, clearly written and often bordering on the objective.

In the US I find the constant, incessant repetition of the same irrelevant, marginal, mostly political speculative stories, dancing with the stars, leading to no coverage of the unassailable problems of our times like war, taxes, government spending, influence peddling, poverty and inequality, corruption, government manipulation of the story lines and local and state problems [take your pick].

Rather now we are given our daily thin dose of presidential candidates two years ahead of time.  How fun it must be to talk long hours about something for which nothing is known.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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