Commission and Mayor Feel Censured by the Boy Scouts

If we take the following quotes at face value it seems that our city leader is too focused on  the regular criticisms of Mr. Burr.  Also, I wasn’t aware the city commission is so conscious of criticism, since they have largely ignored disapproving comments from citizens on the city’s financial crises (predicted by many), the problems with the now defunct, resigned and richly rewarded, incompetent city manager, Mr. David Brown (incompetence predicted by many), the continuing Biltmore debacle, the Country Club mess, the sagging Miracle Mile business sector (unresolved by the famous BID), the pretentious museum, the leaf blower crisis and now the Boy Scouts House lease crisis.

I think it is normal in the politics of our time to regularly attack commissioners and the mayor (who are in the proverbial kitchen, but, seemingly, can’t take the heat).

In short

The mayor, in turn, accused Burr of using the media to distort the real issue — the proper use of the Scout house — to attack the commission.

“We are not going to take anyone out of the Scout house,” Slesnick said.

He added: “I have no political vendetta against Robert Burr. He doesn’t like me. He wants me out as mayor.”

Both men have been at odds before. In 2007, Burr supported Slesnick’s mayoral opponents — activist Richard Namon and former Mayor George Corrigan. Slesnick won.

via Gables backs down from evicting Boy Scout troop – Coral Gables –

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