Miami-Dade County: Comparing Real Estate Taxes in the US

Tax Foundation information show that Miami-Dade County–compared to 1,822 US counties with more than 20,000 inhabitants–is ranked 92nd, with 4.61% of median income paid in property taxes; ranked 793, with 0.90% of property values paid in property taxes; and ranked 176, or $2,748, in median real estate taxes.

By national standards Miami-Dade County property taxes has a pretty big impact on incomes and the county is well above average in the dollar amount of property taxes.  This and much more information on property taxes in the US can be found at the Tax Foundation website.

I imagine that from the state and local government’s viewpoint high property taxes more than make up for the lack of a state income tax.  This is the illusion of “no income taxes” except for the very wealthy.  Governments cost so much and they will find ways for you to pay the taxes.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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