Views of a New World Politician (May not Apply in Coral Gables)

Some characteristics of a modern politician committed to community involvement in government decisions.
  • Wants to here citizen feedback, even if it is unpleasant to hear;
  • Creates the conditions for a regular, open government approach to communication with citizens;
  • Subjects senior management to constant questioning about their plans for the future and communicates this to citizens;
  • Senior managers make known their plans to all of the community on a regular basis.
  • Like the good university professor, leaders set up hours during the week when citizens can raise specific questions about city government.
  • Is enormously tolerant and patient with critics of government and does not regularly denigrate critics with accusations of incivility and similar terms.
  • Does not hide from the citizens.
  • Does not communicate just with a small, closed circle of political contributors.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to Views of a New World Politician (May not Apply in Coral Gables)

  1. Robert Burr says:

    sounds like you’re reading from the honorable mayor don slesnick’s resume — NOT!

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