Salaries at the White House: Compare to Coral Gables

You will find here the information on staff, number of staff, staff positions and 2010 salaries at the White House.  The City of Coral Gables information comes from the 2010-2011 Estimated Budget that can be found on the city’s website,

The total White House salaries paid are $38,796,307 for 469 staff for an average salary of $82,721.  You may be sure that Coral Gables retirement plans are better than the White House staff.

Here are some interesting examples to compare.

White House:  Director of Finance  $66,300; National Security Council Chief of Staff, $93,840; Director of Travel Office, $71,400; Chief of Staff, Office of Legislative Affairs, $114,000; West Wing Receptionist, $42,000; Speechwriter, $60,000; Director of Technology, $71,400, Director of Information Services, $50,000; Director of White House Administration, $100,000; Director of White House Operations, $130,500; Assistant to the President for Management and Administration, $162,900; Director and Press Secretary of the First Lady, $85,680; Chief of Staff of the National Economic Council, $130,500; Policy Director, $179,700 [This is the maximum salary for the President’s close assistants.].

Coral Gables:  City Clerk, $108,093; City Attorney, $197,954; Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, $56,555; Police Chief, $153,917; Assistant Police Chief, $84,220; City Manager, $190,000; Executive Assistant to the City Manager, $77,562; Public Affairs Manager, $74,547; Public Affairs Specialist, $61,618; Chief Compliance Officer, $93,299; Development Services Director, $127,000; Historic Preservation Officer, $94,181; Public Works Director, $126,000, Finance Director, $154,957. [These numbers don’t include about 65% more for pension benefits.]

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Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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