Simple Acts of Citizen Engagement for the City of Coral Gables

What kinds of new citizen engagement could be undertaken in Coral Gables that would increase community participation and input into the most important decision of the community.

Here are some simple community initiatives for the city manager and the commission that would cost little to do.

  • Send out an email to the citizens announcing all meetings of boards, committees and the commission; similar distribute agendas and minutes.
  • Send via email or included in the the city’s website results information on the execution of the budget.
  • During the year organize a series of public forums in neighborhoods on the annual budget and to report on important investments and spending.
  • Have meeting with business groups and citizens to discuss the economic and business future of Coral Gables (UM could be asked to lead the discussions.).
  • Create an online forum so people could contribute ideas the city (civility required).
  • Make public presentations by the city manager and department directors to explain their work.

Please contribute your ideas to this list.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to Simple Acts of Citizen Engagement for the City of Coral Gables

  1. Robert Burr says:

    That’s a good list of simple, inexpensive or free initiatives the city could easily implement to improve relations with citizens. I remember when the commission meets we first televised on cable tv. Suddenly, commissioners had to sit up straight, stop falling asleep, pay attention and look good for viewers. In a similar fashion, the days of pretending that no one is paying attention are over. It’s time for commissioners and administration to embrace new technologies, a more open format on issues and allow the public to participate at a whole new level. Surveys and opinion polls are valuable instruments. Learning to take constructive criticism and novel ideas is a new requisite.

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