Coral Gables Future Economy: Who is Thinking About It?

I have been wondering about what the future of Coral Gables will be like.  Will healthy retail sales return for local, regional and internationally focused business.  Will growth and prosperity return to the city or will the city live through a relatively long period of tepid growth?  Will the city reconstruct its future on the basis of real estate growth, expanding services for important companies located here and will we take advantage of a traditional sectors such as education (UM).

Will the city and the business community in Coral Gables and South Florida attract more dynamic businesses, activities and businesses.  Or will we be stuck in an economic time warp that portends the reactivation of real estate, finance, administrative and technical support services to international trade and large-scale but traditional business with inherently slow grow opportunities.

I wonder who is thinking about new and important sectors that could be the basis for a more rapid and sustained growth of the city?  I trust that the Chamber of Commerce and regional business leaders are indeed thinking about this, but the city of Coral Gables seems too quiet about the future.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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