FYI: Status Procedures for Negotiations with Teamsters and Employees

Citing the Public Employees Relations Commission, Florida (PERC)  Handbook

After Special Master Proceedings

Upon issuance of the special master’s recommended decision, the parties are required to discuss it and accept or reject each recommended item within twenty days. Specific rejected items must be settled by vote of the public employer’s legislative body (for example, a board of county commissioners or a school board) unless the parties reach agreement before the legislative body meets. Each negotiating party makes recommendations to the legislative body, a public hearing is held, and the legislative body then takes the action it thinks is in the best interest of all concerned on each issue before it.

After this legislative action, a proposed collective bargaining agreement is drawn up containing those issues agreed upon in negotiations and the disputed impasse items which were resolved by the public employer’s legislative body. If this proposed agreement is ratified, the matter ends with a collective bargaining agreement. If not, the action taken on the disputed impasse issues is implemented and remains in effect for the rest of that fiscal year. On all other issues, the employer and employee organization are under duty to return to negotiations.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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