P.S. Miami-Dade Holds the Line on Taxes! And now Coral Gables?

The Miami-Dade County Commissions have approved an austerity budget with a flat tax, significant salary and reductions of positions.

At 5:01 a.m., exactly 12 hours after the meeting began Thursday evening, county commissioners approved a $7.4 billion budget.

The winners: elderly residents who get county subsidized meals and community-based service organizations paid for through the commissioners’ discretionary funds. Both saw most of their county funding restored.

The losers: county employees who stood to lose $106 million in salary cuts under the mayor’s original budget and now stand to sacrifice another $68 million in assorted benefits.

But the number of proposed layoffs has been reduced from 1,700 to 945.

Is there a lesson for Coral Gables? Based on the well known views of Commissioners and the City Manager, the answer seems to be No.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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