One of the Oldest Budget Tricks. Is It Still Being Used? tells the story about past administrations using funds for unstaffed positions for other purposes.

Under David Brown, practically all departments, especially those headed by his favorites, were brazenly undisciplined, fiscally and administratively. Annual budgets routinely, and perhaps purposely, had over 30 unfilled positions, money which formed a slush fund of sorts. That cash was used by Brown to cork up large fiscal leeks and to pay for such expenses as his junkets, his infamous wining and dining and, on one occasion, a birthday cake for himself.

Part of the so-called positions reductions come from the elimination of unfilled positions. This certainly does not represent a reduction in staff and benefits liabilities.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
International consultant in financing development programs and projects

One Response to One of the Oldest Budget Tricks. Is It Still Being Used?

  1. Robert Burr says:


    Thanks for your diligence and efforts to unearth and report to citizens many of the problems in the Gables. The next step will be putting forth suggestions and ideas for making great changes in the way our local government works.

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