My Letter to Coral Gables

September 2, 2009

Mayor Donald D. Slesnick
Vice Mayor William H. Kerdyk, Jr.
Commissioner Maria Anderson
Commissioner Rafael Cabrera, Jr.
Commissioner Wayne E. Withers
City Manager Patrick G. Salerno

Dear Mayor, Commissioners and City Manager:

I am writing to respectively express my deep concerns about an increase in property taxes in Coral Gables. To be sure I am equally concerned about what is happening with taxes and spending in the Miami-Dade County Government.

I urge you make the hard and, indeed, unpleasant decisions to save our families from rising taxes this year and in the coming years.

I observe, like many do in the community, that the City Government is overstaffed and the staff overpaid. I urge you to identify and announce to the community the essential and key services and reduce salaries and benefits, including pensions. I urge you to freeze and reduce capital expenditures, except for those few really essential projects. Cut back unnecessary staff in building and zoning and other units that are under worked, and eliminate the excess and overpaid middle and upper management throughout the city, including in the police and fire units.

It is time for the City to rethink its failed function as a property owner of a hotel, golf courses and a country club.

The challenge in yours.

I look forward to following your decisions in the coming days.


Stephen E. McGaughey

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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