From the Governor Crist’s Pen–We have Great Leaders!

I am loathe to quote from a general email–a sad propaganda piece–from Governor Crist of Florida on the eve of the legislature’s special session (i) to fix an auto insurance flap caused by their obvious inability over five years to agree on extending a no fault auto insurance law, (ii) by the errors of the legislature in trying to sell a failed property tax reduction that is now a demonstrated failure as some 40 percent of the cities with a super majority have adopted tax rates above the legislators’ (we must now not say required) suggested lower property tax rates (and the City of Coral Gables is no exception), and (iii) a state judge rejecting the terms for a vote on modifying the property tax regime and minimally increasing the homestead reduction.

It is an honor to serve alongside leaders like President Pruitt and Speaker Rubio. I applaud them and the other members of the Florida Legislature for their leadership and their strength, their courage and their outstanding statesmanship. They care, as I do, about the people of Florida — our boss — and doing what is right for our great state.

It is miracle to have such exception political leaders, so responsive to their “boss”, have enormous courage and imbued with outstanding statesmanship. Where were these great leaders when the State of Florida sank into a property insurance and property tax crisis with few comparisons in the U.S.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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