Miami Dade County is Better than Living in (say) Haiti–Thus Speaks our Commissioner

Kathy Sorenson, 8th District Commissioner of Miami Dade County is living on another planet. She argues with a straight face that our government is pretty much ok, is not too bad in the way it spends our money and, except for a few embarrassing flaws, is much better than what you would find in another country where people don’t have good or any government. Granted Miami Dade County government is better than governments in Haiti, El Salvador, Kenya, etc. I thought we should compare Miami Dade County government to (say) Montgomery County Maryland in Washington, DC area, or take pick in any good, solid well run government in a U.S. metropolitan area.

With some notable and glaring exceptions, our county government functions reasonably well. If you don’t believe me, go to a country that doesn’t have a functioning government.

We have a greedy county government, overstaffed, (mis)managers of important projects for your city, quick to tax, quick to spend and quick to waste and with little time to look at the road ahead.

Time has come for our commissioners to do their job–run government in both good and bad times.

Source: Property taxes keep community working – 04/30/2007 –

About Stephen E. McGaughey
International consultant in financing development programs and projects

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