Miami-Dade Watershed Plan: Prescription for Future Development

The recent editorial of the Miami Herald summarizes the background and some of the major conclusions of the outstanding study on Miam-Dade Watershed Plan.

An obvious conclusion of policies to restrict the westward development of the county is to intensify development existing towns, especially along the areas close to the Metro. This will lead to considerable vertical development along Dixie Highway from Miami south through Coral Gables, Kendall (see the start of that process around Dadeland Mall) and further south.

Based on population projections and available developable land, the county should not expand the Urban Development Boundary until after 2025

The density along U.S. 1 in several South Miami-Dade cities should be increased to promote infill projects and increase the number of residents to support mass transit — Metrorail — along the corridor to alleviate traffic congestion.

The study determined how much open land is needed to buffer Biscayne park

Reverse the concurrency process. In other words, rather than wait for completed projects to create the demand for sewer and water lines, roads, etc., use the planning process to anticipate where future growth will be and build infrastructure before construction begins.

Link to | 01/07/2007 | Future is now: Sprawl or smart growth?

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One Response to Miami-Dade Watershed Plan: Prescription for Future Development

  1. normajean borger says:

    we should let Carl Hiassen handle the development of Miami…In fact, Miami is and was developed while I was living there from 1959 until 1978…

    Why are we still draining the Everglades. In 1947 (I was 12) I remember my father saying that they would never be able to undo the damage if they kept up their “developing ” AND, he was “uneducated” by today’s standards..

    normajean borger
    59 pony express drive
    palm coast,fl 32164

    I still have half dozen relatives living in Dade and Broward.

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