Where is the "City Beautiful"

Miami Today reports on the possible conflict among the “Cities’ Beautiful”:

Orlando’s application to federally trademark longtime slogan The City Beautiful is in the initial stages of approval, leaving Coral Gables, which also uses the name, about a month to negotiate shared usage before a formal objection period begins.
Coral Gables, which has called itself The City Beautiful since the 1930s, also was seeking the trademark but applied almost two months after Orlando filed its application.
The cities, officials say, will work together for shared use of the name.
“We’re now negotiating a joint-use agreement so everybody wins,” said David Brown, Coral Gables city manager.
City attorney Elizabeth Hernandez said lodging an official objection is Plan B.
“The cities are working to get the benefit of the usage of the names,” she said in an e-mail.Ý”Unless we come to agreement, we will object to each other’s applications.ÝI know we are all working toward resolution of this matter.”Ý
Attorney David Rogero, handling the process for Coral Gables, said representatives of both cities will begin negotiations soon for concurrent use of the slogan.

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