Coral Gables Building and Zoning Study

As reported in the Miami Herald, Coral Gables management is undertaking a two part study of the Building and Zoning Department. This department faces constant grumbling from individual home owners who are doing small projects and often face very inflexible, time consuming procedures and some unfriendly, indifferent and aggressive employees; and complaints from medium and larger developers who also suffer slow procedures in understaffed areas such as structural review. One B & Z employee has been charged for apparent grand theft and fraud, while the director of the unit is on paid administrative leave and has been rumored to being negotiating her retirement. Coral Gables did a study of the department a few years ago and a very substantial reorganization was recommended therein but has not instituted by the City. It is hoped that the issues of that study will come out in this new effort and that the deep organizational changes will be made to the benefit of all citizens.

Coral Gables next month officially will start an in-depth study of the city’s troubled building and zoning department.

The data gathering begins in January when a consultant will conduct
three focus groups — one each with residents, contractors and staff —
to learn how the city provides its services and where it falls short.

The consultant is Marily Rodriguez of Bal Harbour, who has 10 years of experience with this kind of work…

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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