Shopping Problems on Miracle Mile

I am reproducing a interesting and sensible posting on website City Hall Confidential by a local mechant frustrated with the lack of shopping on Miracle Mile and maintenance problems with the City of Coral Gables.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to Mr Slesnick and other city officials regarding the deplorable conditions of the sidewalk in front of my store. How dangerous and horrible they have been allowed to get.

In all fairness, I have written back and forth with the Mayor, and he has shown concern and determination in resolving this continuing problem, and I honestly thank him for his efforts. Unfortunately, I only received 1 return email from a commissioner, that was more of a political respense than one of a problem solver or a concerned resident/citizen.

So, the reason for todays topic, is to mention, that today is Friday Dec 22. One or two shopping days BEFORE x-mas ( the friday and saturday when the mile is “busiest” in the year.) Needless to say, I must be pretty upset to stop all my work to write this.

When I arrived to work this morning, I was beyond speechless to find 4 contractors, with white work vans, not just placing new tiles and cement in front of my store, but along both my neighbors, and even down the block. They have equipment, jack hammers, cement bags, and the somewhat noticeable yellow “caution” tape down 1/2 the block, (which could also be misunderstood for a police or murder tape) blocking access from the street parking through to the sidewalk, and ultimately to the stores to shop.

Now, I dont want to sound unappreciative of this work, because it is coming out very nice and fairly quick, ( versus city workers doing it in a week vs 2 days) but the fact of when this work is being done. “Common sense” would dictate, that if the city tore it up a month ago, someone giving orders, would have waited a few more days until AFTER the busy season, when there are less people along the streets and stores are less crowded.

This is yet another event that shows to me that the city doesnt care about residents, merchants ( which also pay city taxes) or much about the BID. Nothing shows common sence or apathy to merchants trying to make a living along historic Miracle Mile. Actually, at the rate the Mile is going, soon only a handful of stores/restaurants will remain open, due to ridiculous rents, no traffic of shoppers ( note that the people walking dont carry shopping bags) or ugly areas.

Just my opinion of course.
Thank You.
Danny Lister Jr.
General Manager
334 Miracle Mile . Coral Gables,FL 33134 . (305)445-4360 . (305) 445-4367 Fax
5740 Sunset Dr . South Miami,FL 33143 . (305)669-4207 . (305)669-4208 Fax

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to Shopping Problems on Miracle Mile

  1. Danny,

    As Coral Gables heads into 2007, many companies are singing a similar tune. Their sales are growing, or not, and they see opportunities ahead, but the uncertain local/national economy and the high cost of doing business in the City Beautiful discourage them from taking on new approaches.

    The only thing I could add is, to focus on things you can control and become very competitive. Other people and enteties don’t really care, and never will care as much as you do about you’re own business.

    Business owners are saddled with a host of worries, from rising energy prices, insurance to a slowing real estate market, so they are holding the line on the only expense they can control: hiring and effective marketing. As you know, there’s never an easy fix.

    It’s tougher than ever for Coral Gables firms because it’s a higher-cost city than most others you compete against and I think it’s starting to have a real negative effect. The high cost of living causes headaches throughout the economy.

    The price of housing is beyond the reach of all but the most affluent households in Miami and as a consequence, most purchasers have withdrawn from the market. They recognize that even with interest rates being at still relatively low levels, they can’t afford to pay what the prospective sellers are demanding.
    (I know a little about this. My blog-Coral Gables Real Estate Market)

    To that end, hang in their and let’s see what the new year brings. Happy Holidays and may 2007 be an over the top year for all.

    Richard Recuset
    The Coral Gables Realtor

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