Investigation in Building and Zoning Department

Somewhat usefully description of the ongoing investigation into the possible misuse of funds and staff time in the Coral Gables’ Department of Building and Zoning, senior management response planned and Commission concerns and proposals. Clearly, this is a great opportunity to evaluate and strength management and the quality of services to the public, whether they be contractors (small and large), individual residents or major developers.

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One Response to Investigation in Building and Zoning Department

  1. Fearful Employee says:

    There are a lot of things wrong with our government. Usually it takes something as embarrassing as an arrest of a low-echelon secretary in order to dismantle the entire artifice of our institutions, all tax-supported. I feel bad for those who get caught because usually they’re not the one who should be made a spectable out of when, in fact, their bosses are the ones who get the kickbacks, the contracts and the pals and they are the ones who retire rich.

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