My Naive Hopes for a Good City Agenda in Coral Gables

  • Prepare and discuss an overall NEW AGENDA for the City of Coral Gables to face the major pending problems, such as unfunded benefits, taxation, staffing and organization;
  • City Manager should routinely report to taxpayers progress on the budget and organizational changes;
  • The city needs a new Code of Ethics;
  • Change the election dates for Coral Gables to coincide with national and state elections.
  • Prepare and publicly discussion a long-range financial plan for the City of Coral Gables
  • Target a freeze and/or reduce actual amount of taxes paid by citizens (not millage rates) during the next three years;
  • Accelerate a plan of reducing pensions and health benefits, especially for firefighters and police;
  • Prepare a plan and publicly discuss how to reduce unfunded pension liabilities during the next five years;
  • Have a community town hall meeting at least twice a year to discuss the budget and other current issues;
  • Develop a realistic and flexible agreement with the Biltmore that protects the taxpayers not just now, but in the coming years;
  • Undertake a review of financial mechanisms and the defective EDEN system to establish a modern, functional accounting of spending and revenues.

Five Environmental Essentials for South Florida–Tropical Aududon Society

I urge you to read this perfect examination of the five biggest environmental concerns for our community.  Governor Scott is doing great damage to our environment.

BBC News – Louis Theroux goes to the Miami mega-jail

Imagine a jail where dangerous inmates awaiting trial live 24 to a room and fight each other under a violent gladiatorial code. This is life inside Miami’s mega-jail, writes Louis Theroux.

via BBC News – Louis Theroux goes to the Miami mega-jail.

Following Miami-Dade Commission Meeting Report Here

EYE ON MIAMI: Blow by Blow Report on the County Commission Meeting. By Geniusofdespair.

URGENT: Weakening Citizens’ Challenge to Local Development Decisions

I bring this matter to your attention, and especially to those who are concerned about ensuring organized community development and protection of the environment.

Please Call the Members of the Senate Environment and Preservation Committee and Oppose SB 1122
April 1, 2011

Senate Bill 1122–Your calls are needed to oppose the damaging Senate Bill 1122. While this bill establishes Alternative State Review as the amendment process and keeps language more favorable for citizen challenges to inappropriate local development decisions it still has a number of damaging provisions. It eliminates Rule 9J-5, thus eliminating years of favorable legal rulings regarding citizens’ rights to challenge local development decisions, urban service boundaries and other critical issues. It removes local government authority to require supermajority votes on development decisions, and has numerous other provisions of concern. Click herefor technical comments on the bill. Please call the members of the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee and tell them to oppose this damaging bill which undermines Florida’s growth management process.

Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee

To find out more about what’s happening this session, please visit 1000 Friends