More Snow Relates to Global Warming

For those that imagine that more snow means colder climate, it is more likely that more snow is related to warmer years.  Read on.

The anti-science crowd has been doing a killer job pushing the myth that the big recent snowstorms somehow undercut our understanding of human-caused global warming.  But aside from the fact the precipitation isn’t temperature, it turns out that the “common wisdom” the disinformers are preying on — lots of snow means we must be in a cold winter — isn’t even true.

via An amazing, though clearly little-known, scientific fact: We get more snow storms in warm years! « Climate Progress.

Judge for yourself: Global Warming


You are welcome to judge for yourself on the rise and path of global warming.  It is still hard to dispute.

The evidence has become overwhelming that recent global warming is unprecedented in magnitude and speed and cause (see “Two more independent studies back the Hockey Stick and below).  Indeed, as WAG notes, within a few decades, nobody is going to be talking about hockey sticks, they will be talking about right angles or hockey skates (see chart above).

via Wegman exposed: Experts find “shocking” plagiarism in 2006 climate report requested by Joe Barton (R-TX) « Climate Progress.

Ocean Warming Continues

The world’s oceans continue to experiment warming above trend that adds to the process of climate change.

…the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicates, the high sea surface temperatures in October were preceded from January through September 2010 by temperatures that were well above the long term (1971-2000) average for the region.  Furthermore, according to NOAA, the surface temperatures globally for the January-September period were the second warmest on record (tied with 1998), with 2007 in first place…

via Ice-Capped Greenland Feels the Heat with North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures far Above Normal | WWF Climate Blog.

Tea Party Kills High-Speed Rail (Ohio and Wisconsin)

Let Obama send that money to Florida–we’ll take it.  Thanks.

Republicans who were elected on Tuesday are beginning to deliver on their campaign promises to kill America’s future. Within hours of declaring victory, the incoming tea-party governors of Wisconsin and Ohio stood fast on pledges to kill $1.2 billion in funding for high-speed rail in their states. The funding, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will revert to the federal government for investment in other states — unless Republicans in Congress are able to kill that, too. Walker warned he would fight President Obama to keep the Milwaukee-Madison link killed “if he tries to force this down the throats of the taxpayers.” Kasich — who called the high-speed rail project linking Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati “one of the dumbest ideas” he’s ever heard — used his victory speech to announce, “That train is dead“

via “Passenger rail is not in Ohio’s future”: New GOP governors kill $1.2 Billion in high-speed rail jobs: « Climate Progress.

Natural Disaster is Nonsense

Actually, disaster losses happen because we do not prepare for natural hazards such as hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, floods, etc.  We are vulnerable.  If we prepare our houses for wind or shaking then you will be more like Chile after a huge earthquake, and not Haiti, where nothing was done to prepare its structures or society for a big earthquake.

In other words,  so-called “natural disasters,” as if nature caused the disaster, don’t exist–the term is nonsensical.  It is the human race and its failed policies that cause the losses.