Mayor Suarez, Miami, Paid by Developer

When Miami Mayor Francis Suarez shoveled dirt in January at a Coconut Grove groundbreaking ceremony for new luxury condos, he wasn’t just a mayor promoting growth in his city — he was a paid consultant for the developer building the project.Suarez quietly worked for a Coconut Grove developer for at least eight months from August 2022 through March 2023, earning a minimum of $80,000 for a previously undisclosed consulting side job, according to a former real estate executive who is suing his ex-employer.

The job, which Suarez had not disclosed until questioned about it by the Miami Herald on Wednesday, came to light in a lawsuit filed against Location Ventures, LLC by the company’s former chief financial officer, Greg Brooks.It is not clear how long the two-term mayor has worked as a highly paid consultant for an affiliate of Location Ventures. He refused to discuss the length or terms of his contract with the company, or divulge anything about the nature of his consulting work. His annual disclosure forms through 2021, the last year available, have not revealed any income from the company.

Lawsuit reveals developer paid Miami’s mayor $10K a month | Miami Herald

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