I am not a medical doctor or specialist. I derive these ideas by listening to medical experts who also have their doubts about the CDC recommendations.

Vaccination doesn’t protect unvaccinated high risk groups necessarily because they may be susceptible to carriers of mild and asymptotic contagion—USE A MASK FOR HIGH RISK PEOPLE.

Vaccination doesn’t protect the vaccinated completely from coronavirus mild and asymptomatic infections that you can then project to others—USE A MASK TO PROTECT OTHERS.

Are we sure that mild cases of coronavirus might or might not cause long-term health problems for high risk and average risk people, children or others–USE A MASK TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

There will be numerous people who are not vaccinated and reject masks–USE A MASK TO PROTECT YOURSELF, FRIENDS AND FAMILY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

There is no honor system now as many people ignore the dangers of coronavirus to themselves and others–USE A MASK TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Companies like PUBLIX, who do not require masks before the herd immunity is achieved, is promoting the dishonest, the infection of high risk people and children–COMPANIES ARE FAILING PUBLIC HEALTH.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables


  1. David Brown says:

    It’s good that keen observers like Dr. McGaughey are helping us to become more diagnostic about why, where, and for whom Covid masks (and distancing) are useful … or not really needed. As regs relax, I’m seeing a hodge-podge amid older people — e.g., some still wearing masks when walking or driving alone, yet taking them off and getting up close when talking to those who can’t hear well.

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