Coral Gables Neighbors Association Coral Gables Election Runoff Candidates Debate April 21

Here are come of my suggested questions for the candidates.

1.  Coral Gables has a very weak 25% democracy with just that many voters regularly participating in elections. 

To increase participation, would you follow the lead of other towns, such as South Miami, to commit to change the Coral Gables’ election date to coincide with regular November elections? 

2. Tell us what it means to limit overdevelopment, including fixing the associated traffic problems.

3.  Do you think there is evidence of systemic racism in Coral Gables?

4.  The City is selling a leased valet parking lot to Doctors Hospital.   This will cause the loss of a green barrier along the canal and it will authorize  the construction of a parking garage.  

Do you think that selling city land leading to bad environmental impacts and resident losses is a good policy?

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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